Risk Mitigation

Risk solutions
for payments
and underwriting

High-quality bank data combined with machine learning models and AI technology ensure approvals are optimized and risk is mitigated.

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Trustly for Risk Mitigation

Our Risk Engine combines continuously improving machine learning models and
artificial intelligence to guarantee payments, assess financial risk, and fight fraud.

Sophisticated Risk Engine to
guarantee payments

Trustly’s advanced ML/AI model aggregates millions of data
points, including device, bank, and network data, to
maximize approval rates and protect your bottom line.

Risk decisions based on machine learning models and
dedicated data scientists
Analysis of consumer behavior to block fraud and
minimize false positives
Multiple guarantee configurations
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Bank-verified data for
smarter underwriting

Get a broad understanding of a consumer’s risk exposure
and spending habits to optimize prediction models and
make more informed underwriting decisions.

Visibility into inflows and outflows to understand
spending habits
Compilation of risk factors, including NSF exposure and
overdraft notices
Verification of balance history based on rolling timelines
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Network strengthened fraud

Prevent fraudulent behavior with a growing network across
the Trustly ecosystem millions of consumer data points are
continuously analyzed to block bad actors and prevent
fraud for all Trustly merchants.

Fraudulent behavior is tracked via biometrics, device
information, and account information across the Trustly
merchant network
Machine learning models automatically learn from new
patterns on the network to fine-tune protections
The risk of Account Takeover (ATO) and unauthorized
returns are continuously mitigated
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