Consumer Onboarding

Bank-verified data for rapid onboarding

Quickly source account and identity data via consumer-permissioned bank access to make onboarding fast, accurate, and seamless.

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Why Trustly for Onboarding?

Utilize bank-verified data to reliably expedite identity verification, account authentication, and underwriting checks during onboarding.

Expedite payment flows with account authentication

Validate users’ bank accounts and confirm funds availability for payments—move consumers from verification to payment in a matter of seconds.

Consistently superior data accuracy
Real-time account authentication and ownership verification
Coverage for 100% of consumer bank accounts
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Smooth, real-time identity verification

Open Banking technology retrieves up-to-date, pre-KYCed identity data in real-time to modernize the onboarding process, enhance KYC processes, reduce overhead, and mitigate fraud.

Instant account and identity verification with the most accurate, bank-grade data
Validate identity data against network-based insights
Nacha Preferred Partner for Compliance/Risk and Fraud/ACH Experience
Flexible connection options
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Level-up underwriting application processes

Build a broad view of consumer financial health using Open Banking data to enhance affordability checks during onboarding.

Inflow and outflow bank account data
Risk indicators for quick decision making
Accurate, up-to-date, enriched bank-grade data
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