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Increase approvals rates and lower costs with Open Banking Payments built with industry-leading banking connectivity.

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Why Trustly for Payments?

Empower customers to pay and/or receive payouts directly from/to their bank
account in real-time. Trustly Open Banking Payments are built with a simple and
secure UI, ensuring superior conversion.

Low-cost payments, from
start to finish

Accept payments from 100% of consumer bank accounts.
We take care of all of your payment operations, from
initiation to collections.

High approval rates
Flexible guarantee options
No interchange fees
No chargeback overhead
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Graphic of piggy bank with arrows circling around it with sparkles
Graphic of a smartphone showing $100.000 received and two buttons saying "withdraw" and "deposit" and a lightning bolt in the top right.

Instant payouts to delight
and awe consumers

Utilize real-time rails to deliver payouts to consumer bank
accounts in seconds.

Instant withdrawals, refunds, reconciliations, rebates, and
Streamlined payouts to build differentiation and maximize
consumer loyalty
24/7/365 availability
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Simple onboarding flows to
ensure seamless payments

Minimize time-to-payment and pre-payment steps with fast
account verification via bank-verified data.

Account verification for 100% of consumer bank accounts
Verification embedded in the payment flow
Up-to-date, accurate bank-grade data
Risk-decision models to avoid fraud or non-sufficient
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Contact our payment experts to learn more about what you can build using our Open Banking platform.

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